Letter from the Archon

A Message from our President:

     My name is Emily Benefield and I am the Archon for the Theta Mu chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma at California State University, Stanislaus. It has been my honor and privilege to be a part of this sorority for the last four years - the four best years of my life. During that time I have had the distinct pleasure of watching our women blossom into great leaders and mentors for our younger members. I am proud to say that the women we have now, as always, hold so much potential. 
     Current collegiate members range from entering over five years ago to merely two months ago. They are as diverse in personality and background as they are in age. Collectively, though, they are optimistic, helpful, and truly inspiring. Their willingness to get involved in sorority and university programming along with being positive representatives of the sorority on campus and in the community has been a joy to watch.
     Internationally the sorority's core values are lifelong learning, inclusiveness, and leadership through service. Throughout membership, all of our women have exemplified these traits because they believe in the vows they took as new members - those which are reaffirmed daily.
     One of our core values rings especially true with the members of the Theta Mu chapter. Within the sorority, leadership through service entails understanding those you lead and helping them, in whatever way you can, to the best of your ability. This is a state of mind starting with a series of selfless acts. Many times this comes in the form of community service and empowering others to follow a successful academic and social path. Our members are exemplary at this aspect of sorority living. By the end of membership, most women have completed over 40 hours of documented community service while being full time students and working outside the university.
     As a lifestyle choice, our members represent Phi Sigma Sigma and California State University, Stanislaus to the best of their ability and I am proud to be associated with these women in collegiate years and beyond!
Emily Benefield